No-Sew Summer Ice Cream Crochet Pattern

Updated: May 3

This is a crochet pattern created by Yarn Ami Crochet Design from designer Mi Pham. This pattern is for personal, non-commercial use only and is subject to copyright. This pattern cannot be sold, distributed, or coped in any form. You may sell finished products made from this design, but please give credit to the designer. A link the designer website or Instagram page would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

No-Sew Summer Ice Cream Amigurumi Pattern

Pattern Level: Beginner

Finished Product Height: 8 cm

Note: Gauging is not important for most amigurumi. Your finished product will vary depending on yarn weight and hook size. This pattern is worked in continuous rounds unless specified otherwise.

Extra Material: If you’d like to make this a keychain, make sure to attached the keychain during round 1. One way is to crochet a chain and attach it in the center of the magic ring of Ice Cream round 1. Make sure to secure with a tight knot. You can make this chain longer to make it the keychain or keep It short to attach a metal keychain on it. If you’d like to see a tutorial or blog post about it, comment below!


  • Hook 2.25 mm (US Size B)

  • Yarn weight: Fingering 1

  • Yarn colors

  • Any Color (C) (for ice cream)

  • Toffee (T)

  • Polyester filling

  • Stitch Marker

  • Sewing/multipurpose scissors

Crochet Abbreviations

(written in US terms)

Rnd Specifies round number (worked in a continuous spiral)

MR Magic Ring/Magic Circle

Ch Chain

St or Sts Stitch or Stitches

Sc Single Crochet

Inc Increase (2 single crochet in 1 stitch)

Dec Invisible Decrease (2 single crochet together)

Hdc Half Double Crochet

BS Bobble Stitch (explained in "Ice Cream" Instructions)

Sl St Slip Stitch

{ BLO } Work stitches in bracket in “Back Loops Only”

{ FLO } Work stitches in bracket in “Front Loops Only”

FO Fasten Off

YO Yarn Over

(...) x repeat pattern in brackets number of times indicated

[...] total number of stitches in the round

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Ice Cream

Instructions for Bobble Stitch

*Note: This will be worked in front loops only.

YO, insert hook into front loop of next stitch and pull up a loop the same height as the first YO (try to keep loops loose so that the "bobble" is puffier), YO and pull through both loops. Repeat these steps TWO more times in the same stitch. To finish the bobble stitch, YO and pull through all four loops on hook (see photos C-H).

Start with ice cream color C;

Rnd 1. Sc 6 in MR [6]

Rnd 2. (Inc) x 6 [12]

Rnd 3. (Sc 1, inc) x 6 [18]

Rnd 4. (Sc 1, inc, sc 1) x 6 [24]

Rnd 5. (Sc 3, inc) x 6 [30]

Rnd 6. (Sc 2, inc, sc 2) x 6 [36]

Rnd 7-11. Sc around [36] (5 rounds total)

Rnd 12. (Sc 2, dec, sc 2) x 6 [30]

Front Rnd 13. *FRONT LOOPS ONLY { FLO: (sc 1 and hdc 1 in ONE ST, BS 1, hdc 1) } x 10 [40] (see photos A-J)

To finish off the ice cream, sl st and ch 2. Cut yarn (see photos K-N).

Make sure all of the bobbles are puffing outwards (see photo M).


Now change to color T;

Make a knot at the tail of the new yarn.

Back Rnd 13. Your hook should still have the loop of the second chain of the previous yarn on it (see photo A). Now insert hook through the BACK LOOP of the first stitch of round 12 (see photo A). Pull up a loop in the new color T yarn. Now you have two loops on hook (see photo B). YO with color T yarn and pull through both loops to complete a single crochet (see photos D, E). Keep the tail of the previous yarn tucked under the stitches as you go to secure it. Single crochet as usual in the back loops only all the way around. You should have a total of 30 sc in the round (See photo H).

*Note: For the rest of the rounds, you will be alternating stitches in both loops (regular stitch) and back loops as indicated.

Stuff as you go.

Rnd 14. (sc 1, { BLO: sc 2 }) x 10 [30] (see photos I-L)

Rnd 15. ( (Sc 1, { BLO: sc 2 } ) x 2, sc 1, { BLO: sc 1, dec } ) x 3 [27] (see photos M-P on how to decrease in back loops only)

Rnd 16. (sc 1, { BLO: sc 2 }) x 9 [27]

Rnd 17. ( (Sc 1, { BLO: sc 2 }) x 2, sc 1, { BLO: dec } ) x 3 [24]

Stuff as you go.

Rnd 18. ( (sc 1, { BLO: sc 2 }) x 2, sc 1, { BLO: sc 1 } ) x 3 [24]

Rnd 19. (Sc 1, { BLO: sc 2 }, sc 1, { BLO: sc 1 }, sc 1, { BLO: dec }) x 3 [21]

Rnd 20. (Sc 1, { BLO: sc 2 }, sc 1, { BLO: sc 1 }, sc 1, { BLO: sc 1 }) x 3 [21]

Rnd 21. ( Sc 1, { BLO: dec }, (sc 1, { BLO: sc 1 }) x 2 ) x 3 [18]

Rnd 22. (Sc 1, { BLO: sc 1 }) x 9 [18]

Make sure to stuff.

Rnd 23. ( (Sc 1, { BLO: sc 1 }) x 2, dec ) x 3 [15]

Rnd 24. (Sc 1, { BLO: sc 1 }, sc 2, { BLO: sc 1 }) x 3 [15]

Rnd 25. (Sc 1, { BLO: sc 1 }, sc 1, { BLO: dec }) x 3 [12]

Finish stuffing.

Rnd 27. (Dec) x 6 [6]

Cut yarn. Using a crochet hook or needle, close up the hole by going through each of the outside loops and pulling it tight. Hide tail.

All finished!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Too many to decide! I think I tend to go for the ones with beautiful colors.

I’d love to see your no-sew ice cream—share it on Instagram!

Disclaimer: This pattern is an original pattern created by Mi Pham (Yarn Ami Crochet Design). This pattern is for personal, non-commercial use only. The distribution, reselling, and copying of the pattern is prohibited. If you share the pattern, please link the pattern to this site or Instagram.

You may sell limited, finished items made from a pattern by Yarn Ami Crochet Design, but please give credit to the designer. Mass production or factory manufacturing is prohibited. Thank You!

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